I work with couples, families and individuals
including adolescents and adults.

My work with couples and families
is based on the latest research in the fields of
attachment, neurobiology, and emotion.

With individual clients
I focus on evidence based cognitive- and mindfulness-based
approaches to help with trauma, loss, anxiety, depression and
issues related to relationships, work, and school.


  • Living with another person is not easy.
  • Differences that seemed small in the beginning can tend to become larger over time.
  • Sometimes fights between couples become more and more serious.
  • Other times, couples grow apart.
  • I work with couples to help them get to know each other better and learn new skills so that they can rediscover the feeling of togetherness that they had in the beginning - the kind of togetherness that all couples want.


  • Life often doesn't go according to plan.
  • Our past experiences and the events that come our way present unexpected challenges.
  • In every stage of life there are new problems we haven't faced before. Old issues may come up again and need more work.
  • We all need to keep growing and developing new skills and and a deeper level of self-awareness if we want to thrive.
  • If you are facing challenges that require personal growth, I have the life experience and the training to be able to help.

Teenagers & Their Families

  • The transition to adulthood isn't easy - for kids - or for their parents.
  • It can be really tough for parents and teenagers to talk to each other.
  • Parents just want their kids to stay out of trouble and to do well.
  • Kids just want their parents to leave them alone and to trust them.
  • I work with teenagers and their families to help them improve their communication and cooperation as they figure out together how to make the transition to adulthood.

Paul McClure, MS, LMFT
Couple & Family Therapist

Specializing in Therapy for Couples, Adolescents, and Individuals
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